A Recommendation Engine
for your startup

Give your startup a robust, enterprise ready, recommendation engine for only $5/mo.

Use Cases

Becki is perfect for startups' looking to easily integrate a powerful recommendation engine

Social Mobile & Web Apps

If you're building a social app and need a way to recommend friends then Becki is for you!

With Becki, just create a friend recommendation bucket, pass in the userid's as a key-value pair and let Becki handle the complex graph mapping for you.

Invest your time in making the experience better and let us handle the recommendation plumbing.


Build the next Netflix or Spotify

With Becki, you can easily pass in userId and movieId as a key-value pair and get movie and music recommendations on the fly.

Cut your development time in half and focus on the more important things. Becki's got your back.

Build the next Yelp

With Becki, just pass in the userId and locationId and get instant results as an array of locationId's for where your user should go next!

Use Becki's intelligence and find out the most popular places and the least popular places in an instant.

Becki is literally as easy as calling an URL.


People who bought X also bought Y

Building an Amazon like recommendation engine is simple and straight-forward with Becki.

Pass in user and productId's and let Becki do the math to figure out who should buy what!

Two plans. No contract. Cancel when you want.

Pay as you go, or just $5 a month

Becki provides you

A powerful and robust solution that easily integrates easily via a REST api into your backend.

Recommendation Algorithms

Stop worrying about the Math behind this and let us worry about it. We use complex algorithms like Collaborative filtering and hide them behind an easy to use interface. If you know how to POST and GET data, you know how to use Becki.



Becki is always running and analyzing data. Data is retrieved from memory in an instant.

Get the most recent recommendations as often as you want.



You never store anything more than UUID's on becki to relate your users with items. Hence, none of your user's personal information is ever stored on our end!


The Team

I am an Engineer with a passion for building technology that makes life easy.
Faisal Abid
I am a design girl with a passion for HTML/CSS and everything pixels.
Charlie McLean
Front End Developer

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